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vertible59 vertible59
User | Posts: 67 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 02/08/09
04:12 PM

i just read about the oddballs at the peterson museum and was particularly intrested in the EDSEL.  seems these cars got the last laugh considering all the interest there is in them world wide. more and more of them are being restored and rodded and there are are national and local organizations dedicated to their preservation.  some could be called "muscle cars" due to factory available performance options for the MEL engines.  others were economical grocery getters with the excellent 223cid six and overdrive transmission options.  the cars were also avaiable in many bodystyles and color combinations...i imagine the idea was to produce "something for everyone".
are any of you guys and gals working on an EDSEL project?  how about some details and stories here on the forum? Grin  

jonrat10 jonrat10
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 10/08
Posted: 02/28/09
02:04 PM

I have seen pictures recently of 1957 or 58 Rancheros with an Edsel nose. I have two friends who have restored 2 door hardtops, both are 1958.s I worked at a Lincoln/Mercury/Edsel dealership when they were new. One of thelast we got in was a 1960 station wagon, one of the very rarest as they only made a very few 1960 models, and only a handfull (small handfull) of wagons.  

vertible59 vertible59
User | Posts: 67 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 03/11/09
07:19 AM

Jonrat10, I am aware of the rarity of the '60 model Edsels.  To me, they are good looking cars, very much like the '60 fords.  I can't remember the production numbers, but the '60 ragtop is lowest of all.  Read a story in Old Cars Weekly, years ago, about a guy that found one that had a Ford front clip on it.  Seems the car had been exported and sold to a prince, but the present owner could not find out how it made its way back to the USA.  Actually got to see a very nice, yellow,'60 convt. in Virginia back in '87. That was a treat. They also made a '60 Edsel hardtop with the Starliner roof line...really good looking car.  

Vette1960 Vette1960
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/09
Posted: 03/17/09
09:20 PM

I believe there were 76 1960 Edsel convertibles build, but not in 1960. It's been said the 1960 Edsel is the only production car not produced in the calender year of the model. Ford pulled the plug in November '59, so all the 1960 Edsels were built in 1959.

My Dad and I rescued a '58 Edsel Ranger 4door hardtop from the crusher ten years ago. According to noted Edsel authority, and automotive author, Phil Skinner, This model is the rarest in terms of survival. Something less than 3,100 of this model were built, and only 64 or so have been accounted for by the numerous National Edsel Clubs. (I believe all the 76 1960 convertibles are accounted for.) It is speculated that the Ranger, being the bottom of the line, (less trim, and options) would have been the first to hit the scrap heap. Not to mention the part about the 4door hard top. The back door on this model is hinged on a pedestal coming up from the rocker panel. So it didn't take much rust until the back door had to be lifted up on to get it aligned in order to latch it.

You mentioned the engines in the Edsel. I looked the vin up on this particular Ranger, and it was built on 30 Aug. 1957. It has a 361 ci FE Series V8. The FE family Ford engines, was not installed on the production line in a Ford until November of 1957, when the 352 FE engines were installed in the 1958 Fords. Did you ever wonder what the FE stands for in the 352 361, 406, 390, 427,and 428 FE series?      FE  F ord E dsel.

So the Edsel was the first production Model to receive the famous FE series engine.  

vertible59 vertible59
User | Posts: 67 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 03/24/09
05:18 AM

Great Edsel info!  I don't own one, but have always liked them and I am glad that these cars finally outgrew the one liner joke image they once had.  Congrats on saving that '58 from the jaws of infamy, but watch out for the "greenies" 'cause they just might want to make a weeks production of Priuses(SP?) out of it Grin.
I was aware of the FE designation, but not many folks know where that series of engines got their name.  Maybe your post will answer the question for someone interested in Ford engines.  There was also a series of engines installed in Edsels that was designated MEL.  Those engines are similar in design to the FE series, and the letters were for Mercury, Edsel, and Lincoln.  

XC_Ute XC_Ute
User | Posts: 109 | Joined: 01/07
Posted: 03/25/09
07:43 AM

Another oddity, there are cuurrently MORE 1960 Edsel convertables then the production records indicate. Seems that someone took advantage of the rare car and added front and rear Edsel sheet metal to 1960 Ford converts.

Usual sign that they are fake is the incorrect paint pattern on the insturment panel face.

Which in my book makes the fakes a bit more collectable vehicles then the originals. Also have leard of a few fake 1960 wagons made from Fords. Onephoto I remember was of a two door 1960 "Edsel" wagon which of course was a rare Ford with new sheet metal.

Wish I had the money to buy that car...