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GNRS Expanded for Web

ekimball ekimball
Enthusiast | Posts: 273 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 04/11/08
03:25 PM

Check out the expanded coverage from the Grand National Roadster show

Click here to see our expanded coverage!  

jalopy45 jalopy45
User | Posts: 198 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 04/16/08
03:32 PM

Thanks fr the extra coverage. How about something written concerning the psuedo Bonneville tank at the bottom of the page of photo's? Is it just a mock up?  

jalopy45 jalopy45
User | Posts: 198 | Joined: 04/07
Posted: 04/18/08
05:00 AM

Also great coverage of the March Meet on line.  

ekimball ekimball
Enthusiast | Posts: 273 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 04/18/08
02:07 PM

This one?

I'm not sure if it is a mock, or if it is finished. I don't remeber seeing it in person when I was at the show. Anybody else know anything about it?  

New User | Posts: 13 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 05/08/08
12:40 PM

That belongs to my friend Wil Sakowski from Sakowski Motors (we've done some tech in the magazine in previous issues--and he's the masked grinder on page 30 of the upcoming August issue). That little belly tanker got a lot of attention in Pomona. He's hoping to get it to Bonneville this year.

Hey, Wil! You out there? Tell us some more about this cool tanker.  

sakowskimotors sakowskimotors
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 05/10/08
10:34 AM

This car has set 2 records at Bonneville in the past. One as a BGL/XO at 174.041 and BFL/XO at 172.116.
BFL = blown fuel lakester, BFG - blown gas lakester, XO is the vintage engine class 1959 and earlier up to 325ci.

The car started out as one of the early Bonneville race cars belonging to Mr. Howey,  then when that car wouldn't pass tech anymore because no roll cage etc his son Scott Howey took parts from the original car, like the 1937 Ford front end, and built this car. It will be such a neat feeling to watch that front end glide across the salt while thinking what would the original owner of that 1937 Ford would think, and thinking about the previous runs since the beginning of Bonneville racing that the front end has been a part of, as well as the motor and other parts.   The car ran well but the car kept blowing a head gasket due to the turbo and the head not being O-ringed. The car went 192mph with a blown head gasket at Bonneville, but could not back it up due to the gasket. He later sold the car to Jim Latin and Gillette.

I was at Mr. Hilborn's 90th birthday party looking at the unveiling of the reproduction of Mr. Hillborn's old Bonneville car, saying I need one of those. Jim Latin, then president of the SCTA, spoke up and said he had one for me, but I probably wouldn't like it because it has an old straight 8 Buick in it with a turbo. Well, I drive a 1954 Buick everyday that I have personally logged over 200,000 miles on as a daily driver and cross country cruiser.  I went and picked the tanker up the next day.

The car was in pieces, like a big jigsaw puzzle. I have gotten it back together, almost.  I need to fire it up soon, go through the systems. Then O-ring the head or block.  I plan on running it at least once this year at El Mirage and Bonneville. The car together will have the capability, capability is the key word, of going 210mph when I am done with the engine. 205mph will get us in the 200mph club and set a record which is now around 204mph.  

The Road to Bonneville.
I am trying to find the time and money, after building everyone else's cars all day to get this car toghether for this season.  If I could get some sponsors we could get this baby on the salt again. If anyone has any interest of being part of the team, call me at the shop.

Wil Sakowski
Rod Rider Race Team / SCTA
310 978 9558

To see pics of the car, there are a bunch on my shop tour on
I would post them here, but no Html is allowed.  

ekimball ekimball
Enthusiast | Posts: 273 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 05/13/08
11:58 AM

Wow, that is way cool, and what's not to like about a Straight 8 Turbocharged Buick?!?!

Can't wait to see it get back to Bonneville.